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"Mobility is a movement-based integrated full-body approach that addresses all the elements that limit movement and performance including short and tight muscles, soft tissue restriction, joint capsule restriction, motor control problems, joint range of motion dysfunction, and neural dynamic issues. In short, mobilization is a tool to globally address movement and performance problems”

- Kelly Starrett


Mobility or mobilization is not to be confused with a warm-up. The primary focus of mobility is to improve positions which will improve power output and performance. Warm-up is designed to prepare the body for movement, while mobility helps solve positional issues and motor control helps improve overall control of movement through the nervous system.

Mobility Includes

  • Soft Tissue Work

  • Stretching 

  • Joint Mobilization

  • Motor Control

Samantha Banister is the only Level 2 Certified Mobility Coach in the area and she has a genuine passion to help people gain better movement, lower risk of injury, and reduce pain. 

Individualized session packages available and include an overall mobility and motor control assessment!!