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Mixas Tichenor

What a year's difference can make! It's been hard work and it is still continuing but man it's been an awesome ride! My health and physical fitness is so much better now than my younger days. Thank you to all my family, friends and coaches for your belief in me and continuing support. First picture was taken only 5 years ago at over 200lbs, to the right is a year ago this month, middle is me now! Come on this journey with me!

Jennifer Loera

I've been wanting to get into CrossFit for a few years, but due to uncertainty and comfort, I waited. Within 10 minutes of walking into the gym, I knew I belonged. I immediately trusted Coach Elliot from day 1. He is truly committed, professional and very knowledgeable in his work ethic. Coach Elliot provides motivation and confidence in all aspects. He exceeded my expectations and continues to challenge me each day. I’m really excited and already know this is going to be an amazing adventure and growth experience at CFD.

Shannon Quick

Love Coach Elliott, he has helped me in so many ways! Coach Elliott Quinones goes above and beyond to work with each person based on what they need, Not some Canned plan that you get in most Gyms. Coach Elliott goes Above and Beyond, he will work with your own Personal Doctor in order to understand any limitations and know exactly how he should customize your plan. It’s not just about a work out, it’s about getting you healthy through a customized diet plan and Work Out regiment that is sculpted just for you.

Josh Williams

I'm officially down 40lbs!! Thanks for all the tips, education, and support- I'm feeling great :)The top is me when I was at my heaviest, I really don't know how much I weighed, scales were scary. I was 240 lbs. when I started at CFD in December of last year. The bottom two are from this morning at my current weight of 203. I will forever be grateful to all the great coaches I've had to help me along the way. 

Caitlin Sampson

Absolutely love CFD! It’s the perfect place for people who are brand new to fitness, seasoned athletes, and everyone in between. They run several programs like the 6 week challenge and the bring a friend challenge to keep the members challenged and motivated. I especially love that the coaches review all of the movements in the WOD during the warm up so even if you’re unfamiliar with a movement you get plenty of practice. I’ve been to 3 crossfit boxes so far and CFD is by far the best experience I’ve had. All of the coaches are professional and knowledgeable and all of the members are welcoming and excited to be there. Coming to class is my favorite part of the week and I always feel encouraged and challenged. So excited to continue my fitness journey with CFD! If you’re on the fence about giving it a try, just do it! So worth it!

Brittany Williams

My journey started with CFD bootcamp last year. Phyllis Pesola Mangum, talked non-stop about the program that weekend. So, the following weekend, I went in to sign a waiver and Van Hoffman asked me if I was staying for the open work out. I was unsure of what was to come but I gave it a shot. (I was really impressed that Van was so active and she was about to pop with the wee one.) I didn't make it through the whole WOD but I didn't let that scare me away. So, now here we are a year later and I am so grateful to Phyllis and everyone I have meet along the way!

Ps. Take the damn picture, even if you do not intend to share with anyone. This is the one thing that has kept everything in perspective. Because when I look down I still see the Feb 2016 picture in my mind not the May 2017 picture.

Carrie Burrell Satterwhite

Where do I start??? This gym has become a family to me! The minute I walked in the door, they were there with open arms! There is never any judgement thrown around and these coaches thrive on making sure you are doing these movements CORRECTLY! They would rather you take your time, improve your skills, and then blow it out of the water! I love this place with everything I have!

Terry Shaughnessy

I’d loved to give them 50 stars!

I join 6 weeks ago. New Years Challenge 2018!
I’m 48, 6ft, (was) 260lb, with a repaired torn right rotator cuff, high blood pressure, borderline high cholesterol. 3 years ago tennis was taking away from me because of a major shoulder surgery. I started going south health wise and things can just spiral out of control quickly.
I’m also a cardiac Nurse and ex-US Army Medic..... looking to be one of my own patients. I knew exactly all the right stuff to do....I just didn’t do it.

6wks later I’m down 30lbs (yes you read that right , that’s a 3 and 0.) I’m saving tons of money due to lifestyle changes. I have more energy. I have a new family of friends.

I just can’t say enough about the crazy crew at this gym! They are here to help you, encourage you, and to have fun! Currently I have to modify almost everything we do. Shoulder in improving but I’m out of shape and my right shoulder is terrible! But I wake up, I go, I do the closest thing to the workout I can. I’m encouraged by the staff but not over pushed. They have made it safe for me.

Making something like crossfit at 530 in the morning “fun” isn’t easy! Believe me!

However, this is more than a gym, it is a community of highly energetic “almost” normal folks with incredible abilities to help the not so athletic, not so uncommon folks just like me.

Take a leap, think outside your comfort zone, do something positive for yourself and come join us!!!!

Jim McKnight

World class personal training that’s worth every penny. You’ll get comprehensive fitness from food to proper movement instruction to rehabbing injuries. No one is too elite in their fitness or too out of shape for this gym and they’ll make you feel like a member of the family from the first day!

Kristen Averett

From the second I walked into this gym, I felt like a part of the family. I was a little nervous because I had never been to a CrossFit gym before, but the community here is nothing like I’ve EVER seen at gym. It’s astounding. Not only are the other athletes incredible and encouraging, but every single trainer is as well. It truly feels like every single person in this gym is invested in your journey and success. The comradery is phenomenal! The coaches really encourage and guide you...& they focus, focus, focus on form! If you ever need have any questions, need an extra push, pep talk, or just a laugh, the coaches here have you covered. This has to be the BEST CrossFit gym around!


Sarah McGrew

After being a “CrossFit hater” for years, I decided to finally give it a shot during a six-week challenge a few months ago. I’m thankful everyday that I saw the ad on Facebook and decided to give Crossfit Deprivation a shot. From my first day at the gym, I was welcomed by staff and members with smiles and excitement and it has continued every day since. Elliott has put together an amazing team of coaches that focus on form and are able to scale any movement as needed based on each individual’s abilities. They are not only an incredible coaching staff with diverse backgrounds but great human beings as well, who have fostered an environment in the gym full of positivity and encouragement. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, have been working out for years, or never done a push-up or lifted weights in your life - there’s a place for everyone at CFD, definitely the best facility with the best staff in the area.

Jerred Olson

I successfully completed the body fat 6-week challenge. I started the program at 194 lbs and ended the program at 184 lbs and 9.6% body fat. I joined the program to primarily become more knowledgeable about proper form and technique of different lift Olympic lifts and other movements. I received more than what I came for, learning about the nutrition aspect of fitness as well.

The first day, the staff and owner (Elliott) broke down the program simply, so that everyone had a clear understanding on what was expected of them to successfully complete the program. Everyone was provided with a base nutrition plan for their desired goal of losing 25 lbs or 6% body fat, which could be easily tailored to the individuals needs. The nutrition plan was broken down so easily that anyone could follow it. There was a 6-week grocery list, and daily examples of what your meals should look like.

After the first week of the program, I had my first counseling to review my progress with Donita, and my nutrition plan was altered to fit the needs of my body. My nutrition plan changed to the CrossFit athlete zone meal program.

Throughout the next 5 weeks, I had become more confident in the lifts, movements, and how to properly supply my body with the fuel it needs.


Over all,

- The facility works hard to develop a welcoming and encouraging environment. Trying to achieve a second family atmosphere. Everyone was welcome, no matter his or her fitness level.

- The staff was very helpful throughout the whole program. They were always available to answer any questions about nutrition or lifting and movement technique.  

- The different lifts and movements in the WODs are broken down so that everyone can learn them. Multiple modifications were provided for those with different mobility needs. It is not a gym that says, put these extremely heavy weights on and attempt to do complicated movements. If they seen you did not have the movements down for the lifts, the staff would tell you to go down in weight or provide you with an alternate exercise. The focus was on learning correct form/technique to gain strength/mobility and prevent injury, not ego.

- The daily WOD schedule is convenient for everyone to be able to attend, even offering free childcare.

**I would recommend the program to anyone who is seeking to better themselves, at any level of fitness.